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We recognize that kit aircraft owners come in all shapes and sizes. For some, it is a labour of love to put every last fastener in place. Others want the excitement that comes with customizing their own aircraft but don't have the time, location or skill to do it themselves. Kitplane Builders offers these services to the aspiring or experienced kit builder:

Builder Center Rental

It's not easy building a kit plane. For the major components (i.e. fuselage, wings, tail) you need a lot of space. Hanger rental is expensive, and your spouse doesn't likely want to give up their basement or heated garage for the next 5-10 years (have you told him/her about the smells and dust?). And tools? While most metal kits could be completed with a basic set of hand tools, in order to complete the job more efficiently you'd need to invest a substantial amount in pneumatic tools, composite mixers and occasional use tools like grinders, drill presses, band saws, etc. At Kitplane Builders we've got over 3200 feet of space and the tools you need. Our facilities are located just west of Toronto's Pearson Airport and designed to meet your building needs. We've outfitted our facility with multiple sets of professional tools to help you build your dream aircraft. Additionally, when you work at Kitplane Builders you have access to qualified AME's to help you with those occasional building questions.

Builder Assistance/Kit Completion

Most kitplanes require over 1000 hours to build (even after any QuickBuild options). Most experienced builders have found that their first projects required triple the estimated time to build. Even at 30-40 hours a month that's 6-8 years before your dream kit aircraft will take flight. That's a lot of rental hours while you're waiting - building and not flying.

If you are building your own aircraft but are uncomfortable with the notion of working with your engine, running the electrical or installing your avionics, we can help. Our licensed AME's provide professional installation services to ensure the highest quality result with minimal stress.

At Kitplane Builders, we'll work with you to determine what activities/areas spending time on (e.g. completing the wing) and those with less educational value (e.g. sanding the surfaces, deburring the holes). Working within your budget and timeline parameters we'll find a solution that will get you flying sooner. Under Canadian law (CARS Subsection 507.03 (b) and Section 549.01) a kit builder is allowed:

"to contract for professional assistance in the construction or assembly of parts of the aircraft provided the work is subject to the builder's overall control"

This regulation pre-empts earlier legislation requiring the kit builder to complete 51% of the kit by themselves (still required of U.S. builders - see FAA) Builders may now contract professional assistance up to 100% provided they control the overall build.

Kitplane Builders is dedicated to preserving the spirit of the legislation, which is for you as the builder to build the plane for education and recreation. We will work with you to set up a mutually agreeable process that you control and help educate you about your aircraft. Throughout your build we'll keep you informed about the construction process and other elements so that you're constantly aware and in control of what's happening with your aircraft.

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