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Kitplane Builders charges a fee of $1000 for this service. If you choose to build your aircraft with Kitplane Builders we'll apply this amount against future billings.

Builder Center Rental


Monthly $


Other Charges

Monthly Access

$600 CAD

Unlimited access during business hours

  • 4% consumables
  • $1000 set-up

Note: Consumables is a monthly charge for items such as lubricants, rags, small fasteners, etc.   Set-up charge is for initial load-in, preparing tables, jigs/supports for your major aircraft components

Builder Assistance


Hourly $



Regular Build

$55 CDN

Rates depend on total hours contracted.

  • No Center rental charges when you contract >10 hrs a week
  • 4% consumables

Out of Center Assistance

$55 CDN

Minimum site visit 6 hours. Rates depend on hours contracted

  • To assist you at your location/airport.
  • Oversized tools not included
  • Travel costs will be charged beyond the GTA

Note: Not all pieces can be assembled in parallel. To accelerate the program might have to be conducted during extended hours of operation.