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UPDATED: July, 2011 (pre-KOSH).

This is a partial list of the aircraft we've worked on. In all we've worked on almost 30 aircraft by over a dozen different manufacturers.

  • Completed - Mike's Van's RV7
  • Completed/testing - Nico's Team Rocket F1 Rocket
  • Completed (FWF & Panel)/testing - Jeff's Zenith 801
  • Completed - Glasair Sportsman 2+2
  • Completed - CLASS Bush Caddy R80 (2 of them)
  • In progress - Charles' Zenith 601
  • Completed/Testing - Jack's Midget Mustang
  • Completed/testing - Carlo's JetExec Rotorway Helicopter
  • Coming soon - Robert's White Lightning
  • Completed - Ian
  • And more coming in this fall. Stop by for updates.

Mike sitting in the RV7 early in the process and a shot of the completed and very shiny bird at the airport just before we flew to Oshkosh.

Here is a great video of Mike's flying RV7

Nico arrived just over two years ago and is testing his aircraft now. Nico is replacing his original choice of the Crossflow engine with a new I0-540 engine from Aerosport Power in British Columbia, Canada.

Jeff's 801 was a quickbuild kit from Zenith, and the builder assistance was done by Mark at Can-Zac Aviation. We did the firewall forward and avionics installation.

This Glastar Sportsman 2+2 is the most customized (from standard kit) we've ever done. The cowling has been modified and custom fit, the engine is an amazing piece of work by Aerosport Power complete with LAMAR EMS. Really one-of-a-kind.

Two Bush Caddy R80's.

Charles comes up to the facility monthly to work on his Zenith 601XL. We'll put up some pictures soon.

Jack's Midget Mustang is a great design. A single-seat sportster. Here it is arriving and later ready for testing.

This Solar turbine conversion by Kiss Aviation makes this Rotorway JetExec a easy to maintain machine that's fun to fly.

Robert's White Lightning is in Ohio waiting for good weather to come north. Look for him in August in our facility.

Ian Glastar is up and flying, the website wouldn't be the same without a picture of him.