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Just a few of the best links we refer to in our work.  Please feel free to suggest others that you find useful (suppliers, we’d be happy to add you as well, please contact us ) – over time, we’d like this page to reflect resources that will help you fly your dream.


  • Can-Zac Aviation - Mark and Dave at Can-Zac are the exclusive Canadian and NE U.S. Dealer for Zenith Kit Aircraft. They are incredibly knowledgeable about this great, easy to build and fun to fly group of aircraft.
  • Lancair Kits (see a comparison between a Lancair IV and Mooney Ovation in Why Kitplanes page)
  • Murphy Aircraft (also in Why Kitplanes find a link to a comparison between the Murphy Moose and similar production aircraft)
  • Super Cyclone
  • See many more kit manufacturers by clicking in the table on Find a Plane page

Aircraft Sales (completed or partially built)


  • COPA – Canadian Owners and Pilots Association.  A great organization looking out for the freedom of flight in Canada.
  • RAA – Recreational Aircraft Association.  A Canadian only organization dedicated to the pursuit of ‘recreation and education’.
  • EAA – Experimental Aircraft Association.  The first and largest international organization dedicated to amateur aviation.
  • AOPA – American Owners and Pilots Association.
  • Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada
  • Van’s Airforce Ontario Wing

Builders’ Resources

The following sources for books/videos on building homebuilt aircraft:




Good Articles/Books

*The information shown here is for resource purposes only, and is not intended to endorse any of the companies or products shown here.


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