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There are well over 300 different kitplane models available on the market today - even more when you consider the planbuilt options (without kits) available.   These aircraft offer a wide variation in pricing, speed, range, useful load, time to build, and design.   While you are free to build any aircraft you should check to see if it has been approved by Transport Canada and the FAA as meeting the 51% rule as it reduces the steps in the inspection process.   Remember that you will need to inform the MD-RA during the Intent process so that they can ensure your aircraft qualifies.

We've simplified a few things in the table below - if less than 10 of a model have been built, it's not been included.   If the manufacturer didn't have a website, we didn't include it.   If the plane had more than 4 seats, we've listed it as having 4, which is the maximum under Canadian law that your homebuilt aircraft can have.   Prices seen here are the kit prices only and don't include powerplant, avionics, finishing, etc. - check the manufacturer's site for up-to-date pricing and information.

We are currently updating our database.


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