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There are as many reasons for choosing to build and own kit aircraft as there are pilots that fly them.   However, the justification is often a combination of factors:

Economics: Pilots can get a new kit aircraft with the same performance characteristics as a production aircraft at a fraction of the price

Performance: Kit aircraft are often designed and built using the latest materials and design techniques, producing better performance than production aircraft.

Customization: Kit aircraft are built from the ground up and can be customized with everything from interior and paint finishes to powerplant and avionics.

Ownership: Since they choose, customize and help build their aircraft, kitplane pilots feel greater pride of ownership, and are more knowledgeable about their planes than production aircraft owners.

Does it make sense for you to buy a kit aircraft?   If you are thinking of contracting out some of the labour, does it still make sense?   We've prepared two basic comparisons to help you decide.   If you want to create a scenario that's right for you, please contact us.

Cessna Skyhawk vs. Glastar Sportsman 2+2

Mooney Ovation 2 dx vs. Lancair IV

Murphy Aircraft has also done a comparison between it's Murphy Moose and other similar aircraft.  
You can find it here:


Kitplane Builders obtained all information from the manufacturers website (click on the name or image to visit their sites), and encourages you to do the same.
The information shown here is for comparison purposes only, and is not intended to endorse any of the manufacturers shown here.
All prices are shown in $ USD.
Prices can vary greatly with a kitplane build and are dependent on choice of options, powerplant, propeller, instruments, avionics and choice of finishing.
Prices shown here are an estimated average for kits of these types.
Builder Assistance time is shown based on manufacturer's estimated completion time and may not include avionics, powerplant and aircraft finishing.

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